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Dr. Schaller and I have dedicated ourselves to developing innovative veterinary care products for animal hospitals and clinics. Our mission is to enhance the care provided by nursing staff and doctors to their furry patients.

My background in engineering, with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and an MS in Aerospace Engineering, combined with extensive experience in product design, allows me to identify and develop revolutionary innovative veterinary care products. Utilizing CAD software, I bring these product ideas to life through detailed prototyping, and ultimately, manufacture them using advanced additive manufacturing processes. Together, we strive to bridge the gap between cutting-edge engineering and compassionate veterinary care, offering solutions that make a real difference in the world of animal health.

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Dr. Schaller’s professional path is defined by more than 20 years of extensive experience, predominantly in private practice, with valuable stints in emergency care. Her specialization in surgery and dentistry, coupled with a broad expertise in all areas of veterinary medicine, enables her to provide comprehensive care that few can match. Beyond her clinical skills, Dr. Schaller is a visionary, holding a patent for a dental radiograph tool and co-developing numerous innovative veterinary products with her husband. These contributions have revolutionized practices worldwide, underscoring her role as a leader in veterinary medicine.


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