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Introducing the ultimate solution for organizing your veterinary clinic or medical facility: the Anesthesia Breathing Bag Rack. This practical and durable wall-mounted anesthesia bag holder is designed to streamline your workflow, ensuring that your anesthesia rebreathing bags and anesthesia reservoir bags are always within easy reach.

Constructed from sturdy plastic, this anesthesia rebreathing bag rack can securely hold up to 9 anesthesia bags. The rack features openings for 5 bags to be inserted using the bag collar and an additional 4 bags can be hung from the tail loop at the bottom, accommodating various anesthesia bag designs. This versatile design makes it an essential addition to any veterinary or medical facility, providing efficient storage and organization for your anesthesia equipment.

The Anesthesia Breathing Bag Rack is not just functional but also incredibly easy to install. Thanks to the pre-attached double-sided tape, you can mount this rack on any smooth surface in minutes, creating a tidy and efficient setup without the need for complex tools or hardware. This wall-mounted medical equipment rack ensures that your workspace remains clutter-free and organized, enhancing the overall efficiency of your practice.

This high-quality wall rack for anesthesia supplies is perfect for veterinary hospitals, clinics, and surgical rooms. It provides a space-saving solution that keeps your anesthesia breathing bags neatly arranged and easily accessible, allowing for quick and efficient use during procedures. The compact and professional-grade design of this anesthesia bag organizer is tailored to meet the demands of busy veterinary and medical environments.

Invest in the Anesthesia Breathing Bag Rack to improve your facility's organization and efficiency. With its durable construction, easy installation, and versatile design, this wall-mounted anesthesia rebreathing bag storage solution is a must-have for any veterinary clinic or medical facility. Enhance your practice today with this essential piece of equipment, ensuring that your anesthesia breathing bags are always stored safely and conveniently.

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