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This simple kit holds the Modified Jackson Rees breather circuit in place on your dental table.  It freely rotates on the base and can be picked up and pressed down quickly when flipping the patient.  The tray will keep the bag from folding and restricting air flow.

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Introducing the revolutionary Jackson-Rees Support Kit for Dentistry: a game-changer in veterinary dentistry, specifically designed for Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT). This innovative product seamlessly integrates with your veterinary dental table, providing an unparalleled solution for supporting patients during anesthesia, particularly cats and very small dogs undergoing dental cleanings and polishing treatments.

In the realm of veterinary care, ensuring the safety and comfort of patients under anesthesia is paramount. The Jackson Rees Support Kit addresses one of the most critical aspects of patient management during dental procedures: the secure positioning of the endotracheal tube. Traditionally, veterinary practices have resorted to temporarily taping the Jackson Rees anesthesia circuit to the dental table. This method, albeit widely used, poses risks of accidental tugging or pulling on the endotracheal tube, potentially leading to airway damage.

Our product transcends the conventional taping approach by offering a robust, yet easily adjustable, attachment mechanism. The kit features a device that clips onto the dental table grate with a simple press and a quarter-turn knob. This design not only ensures the circuit is firmly held in place but also allows for quick adjustments. Veterinary professionals can now effortlessly reposition the circuit with a swift 1/4 turn release, accommodating any necessary changes in the patient's position during the procedure.

Moreover, the Jackson-Rees Support Kit for dentistry is engineered with the patient's safety in mind, incorporating a feature that permits rotation about the connection point to mitigate stress on the endotracheal tube. Additionally, the kit includes a support tray for the anesthesia breathing bag. This innovative addition prevents the bag from hanging and partially occluding itself, thus maintaining a clear air passage and enhancing the efficacy of anesthesia delivery.

The introduction of the Jackson-Rees Support Kit marks a significant advancement in veterinary dentistry, eliminating the safety and usage concerns associated with the current standard of care. By replacing the crude taping method with our sophisticated device, veterinary professionals can ensure a safer, more efficient, and stress-free dental treatment process for their small animal patients. This kit is not just an accessory; it's an essential tool for any practice committed to delivering the highest standard of care in veterinary dentistry and COHAT procedures.

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