Veterinary Patient Warmer Cage Door Adapter


Elevate your veterinary care with our versatile Veterinary Cage Warmer Adapter. Designed for compatibility with leading patient warmer systems like Bair Huggers, Level I Equator, and Adroit VetPro, this adapter simplifies creating a warm and comforting environment for animals in recovery. Easy to install on any kennel or cage door, it’s the perfect solution for clinics dedicated to providing superior care and comfort. Make your patients’ well-being a priority with this essential veterinary equipment upgrade.  Start your purchase by selecting your model patient warmer below.

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Introducing the Veterinary Cage Warmer Adapter, a revolutionary tool designed to enhance the comfort and recovery process for animals in veterinary hospitals. Our adapter seamlessly integrates with your existing kennel or cage doors, enabling a direct connection to various patient warmer systems.  These include older Bair Huggers, the new Model 675, the Level I Equator, the DRE Wildcat 750, and the Adroit VetPro models.

Crafted with precision, this durable adapter allows for the effortless attachment of patient warmer hoses on the outside and inflatable blankets inside the cage.  This provides a stable and controlled warm environment for your patients. Whether recovering from surgery or needing extra warmth, our adapter ensures that your furry patients receive the best care possible.

The Veterinary Cage Warmer Adapter is not just a product; it's a commitment to animal care, ensuring every pet feels safe, warm, and comfortable in their time of need. Easy to install and compatible with a wide range of cage sizes, it’s an indispensable addition to any veterinary clinic looking to upgrade its patient care equipment. Elevate your veterinary practice with our Veterinary Cage Warmer Adapter and ensure your patients' recovery environment is nothing short of optimal.  The importance and benefits of patient warming are discussed in this article 'Why Warmth Matters ...'.

There are many different patient warmers with different hose sizes.  We have included pictures and model numbers as part of the ordering process to link the correct adaptor to your patient warmer.  In addition to these cage door adapters, we also offer adapters for drying anesthesia circuits and anesthesia bags.  There's so much more your patient warmers could be doing for your practice.

Schaller Industries also provides cage door adapters for Jorvet's BedJet patient warmers.  These are sold exclusively by Jorvet.

In our hospital we found tying the warming blanket string around the outlet to be cumbersome and time consuming. This elastic ribbon, included with the heater holder, replaces the string and removes the need to tie the blanket onto the adapter.  It just 'snaps' in place!

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Adroit Medical VetPro, Bair Hugger Model 675, Bair Hugger Model 505, Bair Hugger Model 750, Bair Hugger Model 875, DRE Wildcat 750, Level I Equator, Vet Bedjet


Bair Hugger 675 Cloth, Bair Hugger 675 Paper, Universal Adaptor, Bear Paws, Vet BedJet


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