Hedgehog Test Tube Rack


Hedgehog test tube rack.  Holds 12 tubes or markers.  Adding a little fun to the treatment area is always a good thing!

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Hedgehog Frankie, cartoon image

Welcome to our adorable world of innovative laboratory accessories! Introducing our latest addition to the lineup: the Hedgehog Test Tube Rack, a whimsical yet functional solution for your laboratory needs. Designed to bring a touch of charm to your workspace, this delightful hedgehog-shaped rack is sure to spark joy in any setting.

Crafted with care, our Hedgehog Test Tube Rack holds up to 12 tubes securely, providing a convenient storage solution for your laboratory specimens. Available in two sizes to accommodate the varying diameters of test tubes commonly used in medical facilities, we offer options for both the smaller 13mm diameter tubes and the larger 16mm diameter tubes. Whether you're working with pediatric patients, furry friends in veterinary clinics, or handling blood draws in human hospitals, our Hedgehog Test Tube Rack is the perfect companion for your daily tasks.

What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to creativity and functionality. While traditional laboratory racks may be mundane and utilitarian, our animal-shaped designs inject a sense of fun and personality into your workspace. With no competitors offering test tube racks shaped like adorable hedgehogs, we're proud to offer a unique product that captures the hearts of our customers.

Cartoon Hedgehog, close up, standing in nature

Our primary market segment lies within veterinary medicine, where our Hedgehog Test Tube Rack has found a particularly warm reception. However, its appeal extends to human hospitals, pediatric facilities, and any environment where blood collection is a routine part of the job. Whether you're conducting research, performing diagnostics, or simply organizing your laboratory supplies, our Hedgehog Test Tube Rack adds a dash of whimsy to your workday.

In addition to our Hedgehog design, we also offer other charming options such as the Caterpillar and Dachshund Tube Racks, each with its own distinct personality and appeal. With our range of animal-inspired products, we're dedicated to making your laboratory experience not only efficient but also enjoyable.

Join us in embracing the playful side of science with our Hedgehog Tube Rack. Order yours today and bring a smile to your laboratory routine!

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Grape, Green, Neon Yellow, Red, Royal Blue

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13mm, 16mm