Caterpillar Blood Tube Rack


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Add a little fun to your treatment area or phlebotomy cart with the Caterpillar blood tube rack. There are options for both the number of tubes and their size.

Tube sizes are either 13mm or 16mm diameter. This information is usually listed on the size of the tube package, not on their label. For example, 5mL tubes commonly used in veterinary hospitals are 13mm in diameter. Most of the 7mL and 8.5mL tubes used for human collections are 16mm diameter.

As shown the Caterpillar tube rack holds 12 tubes - 3 per each body segment. If this is too many for your application, you may order a shorter Caterpillar.

Color or colors are also completely up to you. Either choose a single color option for the entire Caterpillar or select the Custom color option.
If you select 'Custom' color, you must enter a note on your purchase to identify which color for the head, the tail, and each body segment.

Additional information

Tube Size

13mm diameter, 16mm diameter

Tube Number

6 tubes, 9 tubes, 12 tubes


Black, Blue, Custom, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow


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