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In the fast-paced world of veterinary medicine, precision and efficiency are key. Our Veterinary Dental X-ray Positioner is designed specifically for dogs and cats, revolutionizing the way dental radiographs are taken. This innovative device ensures accurate positioning of the radiograph sensor plate, crucial for capturing true length images of teeth with unparalleled clarity.

How It Works

The positioning device, crafted with both the veterinary professional and patient in mind, features a user-friendly design.  It securely holds the radiograph sensor plate at one end, and you should place it inside the patient's mouth as closely as possible against the targeted teeth for the X-ray. This critical step ensures that the images captured are of the highest possible quality, providing essential diagnostic information.  The extended reach of the device simplifies sensor positioning inside the oral cavity from outside the mouth.

Moreover, what sets our Veterinary Dental X-ray Positioner apart is the external reference system. A second plate attached to the exterior mirrors the orientation of the sensor plate within the mouth. This feature serves as a guide for correct positioning by visually representing the plane in which the sensor plate lies. A rotatable reference plane surrounding this plate can align with the specific plane of the tooth or teeth in question.

Furthermore, a third rotatable plane reference is positioned between the two, illustrating the bisecting angle. This angle is the key to positioning the radiograph tube head correctly, ensuring that the images reflect true anatomical lengths of the dental structures.

Ideal for veterinary clinics and hospitals, our device minimizes the guesswork in dental radiography. It not only enhances the diagnostic capabilities of veterinary professionals but also improves the overall experience for patients by reducing the time and discomfort associated with taking dental X-rays. Embrace the future of veterinary dental diagnostics with our Veterinary Dental X-ray Positioning Device.

Excellent for Training

Indeed, regardless of your skill and efficiency in capturing diagnostically useful radiographs, this innovative tool will also provide the fastest training possible for new technicians!  Additionally, this will save money over the options recommended by this article. 'Tips for mastering veterinary dental radiography'.

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Dentalaire A, Dentalaire B, EVA, Midmark Optimax, Midmark Progeny, Midmark VetPro DR, Schick 33, SOPIX


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